Fruits & Vegetables Trade Company

What we do


A recognizable brand for selection and trade with the best of fruits and vegetables.


Cooperating with various producers, we take care for the product from its insception to the harvest; then we carefully store it so that you get the highest quality.


Trust and integrity with our clients. Corporate social responsibility.


Fresh Fruits & Vegetables: the best of the season!

About us

Company description

Our family enterprise Z-Plast, was established in 1990 as fruits and vegetables trade company. We are located in Murtino, in Strumica region, 50 km. far from both the Bulgarian and Greek border. Our company is right in the base of Mount Belasica, abundant with clean spring waters and surrounded by fertile soil. Most of all, there is ample climate in the region with mostly sunny days throughout the year.

Many generations of farmers in this area carefully work on the production of agricultural products rich in nutrition. It is our prime objective to build friendly relationship of trust with them, enabling us to choose the best quality products, organically cultivated. This approach is the stronghold of our wide and increasing export experience primarily with eastern and partly western European markets.

Depending on your needs, we offer fruits and vegetables in various forms, fresh, frozen and canned. Besides for every day usage, our products are used in the wider food industry for production of jams, salads, sauces, spices etc.

Our strengths are experience and quality and we are ready to be your trustful partners!

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s.Murtino 2432, Strumica, R.Macedonia


+389 (0)34 373 775